Workers Comp

Each year employers lose billions of dollars paying out fraudulent workers compensation claims. As an honest employer you're entitled to the truth whenever faced with the possibility of a fraudulent workers compensation claim. False claims not only cost your business and insurers money, they also set an extremely negative precedent and create a culture of dishonesty within the workplace.

As a fair practice, it always pays to investigate all claims of injury. Insuring that workers compensation is justly deserved to those injured saves you money and deters from the possibility of employees making false claims.

At Scarborough Investigations, we believe that workers compensation is strictly for those truly injured. We provide complete and thorough workers comp investigations and will definitively assess whether an insurance payout is justified.

Using entirely legal means, Scarborough Investigations will ascertain the truth regarding your employee's injury claims. We do this through a variety of discreet methods including:

Tactful surveillance
Attaining forms of general evidence
Series of polite and careful interviews

With years of practice and a bevy of experience at our disposal, Scarborough Investigations has helped employers throughout Charleston and the surrounding area obtain the truth regarding workers compensation claims and ousted false claimants.

In the unfortunate case that we discover a false or exaggerated claim is being made at your expense, Scarborough Investigations will be fully available to offer advice regarding legalities and potential punitive measures or prosecution.

Don't be the victim of a false claim, call Scarborough Investigations for a free consultation and find out the truth!